PSN Name Changes Are Finally Rolling Out

Image Credit: Sony

Image Credit: Sony

I have had a few various online Id’s over the years but it was when I got my launch day Xbox 360 that I created IceStrike256 and I have been using it on every platform since. Not sure why exactly I chose on this tag in particular but after 14 years I still have no real desire to change it. I realize I am one of the lucky ones in this regard, as many people may have made their first tags back when they were 10 or younger! Shoot my first tag for Starcraft was X_Treme_99 when I was 11 so I know that something you think is cool back then might be totally lame now.

For most platforms changing this online ID hasn’t been a problem. But, when it came to PSN you were unfortunately stuck with whatever name you first entered into the platform. Fear not though my X_Treme friends, this decade old problem is finally being solved and you can finally change your PSN tags! The feature will go live on PSN later today or may already be live depending on when you read this article. All users will be granted one complimentary name change with additional name changes costing $9.99 after that. Name changes will unfortunately not free up the user names that were previously taken due to the way PSN works. This makes it so users will also be able to revert back to previous tags for free at any time.

Sony has outlined that some games will have issues with name changes just as was outlined in the original October betas. According to the official faq, any game published after April 1, 2018 should have no issues. games prior to this date could exhibit issues ranging from displaying old PSN names during play sessions up to erasing all progress and in game purchases. Only 10 games have been listed to have these critical issues so don’t worry that the name change will have you losing everything in all games. PSN name changes are also limited to the PS4 so unfortunately your PS3 and Vita will always display your old name.

Let us know below if you plan on changing your PSN name below!