PSVR Selling Out At Gamestops

Demand for the PlayStation VR has been through the roof. Among reports that the hardware is already selling at a profit, Gamasutra says that many Gamestops are selling out of their first wave of hardware. Gamestop COO Tony Bartel was quoted in saying this...

"In fact, right now many of our stores will be sold out of the first wave of Sony's Playstation VR by tonight -- we are working with them to try and get more product,"

I'm not sure anyone expected the device to catch on this quickly. Early adopters were expected to jump in for sure, but it appears as though there are more people than that. I'll be honest I'm a bit surprised by the amount of people jumping in considering the true purchase price is around $450 dollars after taxes here in the U.S...and that's if you have the PlayStation camera already and some move controllers.