PUBG announces broadcast team for next week's FACEIT Global Summit


It’s T-minus six days until the 2019 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds circuit kicks off with the FACEIT Global Summit. We already knew that the world’s best PUBG teams would be in attendance, but now—thanks to PUBG Corporation’s announcement earlier today—it’s clear that some of the world’s finest PUBG broadcast talent will be present as well.

The talent lineup for the FACEIT Global Summit largely showcases British casters—fair play for a tournament located in London. The event’s talent pool also features impressive diversity from a games perspective, with casters such as Leigh “Deman” Smith, Richard “Simms” Simms, and Lauren “Pansy” Scott coming from backgrounds in League of Legends, Halo, and Counter-Strike. (It’s worth mentioning that, despite their disparate games of origin, all of these commentators have quite a bit of experience casting PUBG as well.)

With $400,000 in prizes up for grabs, the FACEIT Global Summit is the biggest worldwide PUBG event of the spring. Many big names from the American scene, such as Cloud9 and Team Envy, will get to test their skills against the giants of the Chinese PUBG scene, such as Four Angry Men and Oh My God.

You can catch all the action live from London’s ICC Auditorium between Apri 16 (next Tuesday) and April 21.