Publisher Perp Games Released 2 New Physical PSVR Titles Today!

2 PSVR games have received the physical treatment today with the release of Sairento VR and The Wizards Enhanced Edition. Both titles are published by Perp Games and offer a VR experience that not many other titles can match.

Sairento VR, developed by Mixed Realms, has been dubbed one of the best VR experiences to date with its crazy mixture of shooting, sword fighting and platforming gameplay. You play as a member of the Silent Ones, a secret society that practices “long-forsaken martial arts,” who is tasked with taking down former members of the organization that have been taken over by a mysterious nano-machine outbreak. From the time I have spent with the title I can honestly say the praise has been well founded! Sairento sports the following features.

Single Player Campaign Mode Players can skirt the shadows solo by delving into the full campaign to identify the root of corruption within the Silent Ones. To find the truth, they must face off against mutated samurais, devious ninjas, creepy robot geishas and hulking sumo wrestlers. 

Single- and Multiplayer Challenge Modes – Sairento’s standalone mission mode offers focused levels to traverse and battle through that can be tackled solo or cooperatively with another player, either offline or online.

Action Hero Prowess – By slowing down time, players can perform artistically brutal executions of their choice to prove they’re worthy of the Silent One moniker. Sairento’s levels and enemies requires mastery of a wide range of acrobatics such as leaping 15 feet into the air, double jumps, wall running and high-speed slides to outmaneuver similarly nimble enemies, all in VR.

Fully Loaded Arsenal – Including all base game weapons and the “Sairento VR – Weapons Pack” DLC from the PC version, the physical edition offers a variety of armaments to adapt tactics and suit any combat style. Katanas, guns, bows, kunais and throwing glaives can all be enhanced with relics contend against the ever-present cyber ninja threat. And really, anything can become a projectile weapon with the right modifications.

The Wizards Enhanced Edition, developed by Carbon Studio, pits players against legions of Orcs, Goblins and Dragons. Players assume the role of a Wizard who is to protect the land and does so with various spells that are activated with motions from the PlayStation Move controllers. The Enhanced Edition brings a new campaign level to the original game giving players even more to enjoy. I have enjoyed playing this one quite a bit! The Wizards Enhanced Edition sports the following features.

Fantastical Story Campaign The multi-part campaign offers entrance into the enchanting fantasy world of Meliora, to travel through time and battle the vicious beasts threatening destruction of the magical realm;

Gesture-Based Spellcasting – Immersive spellcasting with intuitive hand gestures equips players with six element-based spells to learn, upgrade and master;

Mystical Fate Cards – Discoverable throughout the game’s levels, these cards increase players’ modifiers to unlock new playstyles for increased replayability;

Arena Mode – Those seeking a more intense challenge can engage in three distinct survival environments while facing endless enemy onslaughts in a battle to survive long enough to climb the leaderboards

Three Motion Options – Includes teleportation-based exploration and free movement, using PlayStation controllers or 3dRudder, the foot motion controller for PlayStation VR.

Both titles have been available digitally on the PS4 platform for a number of months but let’s be honest, it is always fun to own things physically! Both titles are available at a number of retailers including Amazon (Sairento, Wizards affiliate links), Best Buy, Target and GameStop. Sairento VR is available for $39.99 while The Wizards Enhanced Edition is going for $29.99. Full reviews of both titles will be coming soon so keep an eye out!

Are you excited to add more physical VR games to your collections?