PULANG INSANITY Shows A Glimpse Of What Lies Within Indonesian's Dark Culture

Pulang Insanity image.jpg

Bringing light to the horrifying dark culture from Indonesia is developer Ozysoft with their title Pulang Insanity. Basing the game on an old ritual known as The Pesugihan Ritual, players will be put in uncomfortable and scary situations that they will have to face in order to make it out alive!

Showing off some teasers through an ongoing series called Entering Insanity, you can get a glimpse into what horrors lie within this upcoming title. Check out Part 1:

While this video doesn't show too much other than a few settings, characters, enemies, and noises, it does show off that you really won't know what lies just around the corner! The clip that really shows off a touch of the gameplay and how the setting will be used is Part 2:

I can't wait to see what will be shown off in Part 3, even if these are short videos! I am already feeling my nerves rack as I anticipate this games launch and getting my chance to "Experience horror from the Darkest Culture."

While there is still no exact launch date for this title, it is one to keep your eye on. What did you think of these teaser clips?