QUAKE CHAMPIONS Classes Revealed Along With Character Abilities

Ranger, Visor, Nix, and Scale Bearer. These are the names of the four champions that were showcased in the Quake Champions reveal trailer. In this video provided by Bethesda, we learn the origins and play style of each Champion and how players can use them for the way they play Quake.

Here's what we learn from the trailer...

  • Ranger: Best for offensive players, has a teleport ability, first featured in original Quake.
  • Visor: First seen in Quake 3, no ability mentioned
  • Nix: New to series, has a "phase" ability, good for players who like to run and hide.
  • Scale Bearer: New to series, has a "bull rush" that obliterates opponents, likely a tank character.

It's cool that Quake is now adding characters that will allow people with different playstyles to further enhance their game. I wonder how, if at all, this will affect the game.