Remember when February was a slow time for game launches? Well, yeah, those days are long gone and while we have been bombarded with huge AAA games, sometimes other titles get lost in the shuffle and that’s why we want to bring you Quick Peeks. Hey, you might discover something you’ve never heard of or you can check out a quick blurb and trailer of a title you may be curious about.


God Eater 3 is weird AF… and I absolutely love it! While the pacing is a bit slow at first, it definite opens up after the first hour and so and really soars into some excited and unique battles, locations and characters. Some call this Monster Hunter without the all those monsters but honestly, I feel this it’s own unique looks, style and adventure. It looks and plays absolutely fantastic on PC so if you like any sort of anime or crazy AF Japanese action, especially playing co-op with a friend, this game is it

I was completely taken off guard with God Eater 3 in the best of ways as I haven’t followed the series before this entry. Grab and friend, dive in as it’s available now for PC and PS4. Get some!


Two things are certain: 1 - I am eating my words when I said the Switch would be another failure a la the Wii U for Nintendo. I absolutely love my Switch. 2 - I am sucker for a solid adventure games as some of my first gaming memories were King’s Quest, Tex Murphy and the LucasArts adventures. While the genre slowed for several years, it’s back in full force with The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 now on the Switch! This is a stellar, meaty adventure that blends humor, intelligent puzzles, emotion and stunning backdrops to near perfection. With all the fantastic games on Switch right now, this one has got the most play time as of late.

Check out the hilarious trailer above and do yourself a favor, go get this game now!


Ahhh… how I love the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of games on PC. No tutorial, no direction, just a crazy, huge open world romp above and below a post-nuclear wasteland. Now, the Battle Royale genre has invaded this world and it’s not only other players you need to battle against, there are hordes of nasty mutated wolves, crazy weather patterns and nuclear anomalies. The game can be light on players during the US mornings but when you get a bunch of players onboard, it can be quite a different take on the genre as a whole.

The game was a bit rough around the edges in Early Access but it runs like a champ and is a blast to play currently. Available now on Steam.


The PC is loaded with a ton of survival/crafting style games but I love when I find a title that is unique, doesn’t play clunky and offers something unique. Miscreated fits the bills and then some in it’s huge but detailed and creepy world. Best played with the sound cranked and the lights off, I guarantee you’ll be sweating as the game isn’t afraid to throw you into complete blackness with only a flash and constant baddies nipping at your feet.

I’m not a huge fan of the genre but Miscreated has grown on me as one of the better Survival Sandboxes (in the gorgeous CryEngine) and honestly, gotten the most play time from my Steam library as of late. Available now on Steam!


My HTC Vive has gotten more play time these last few months, in fact, more than I ever imagined when I purchased it at launch. There are an increasingly number of stellar titles and Singularity 5 is one of them. A pure wave type shooter where you blast baddies in a world where you have to fight to win back Paris from AI and machines gone wrong. The game is absolutely gorgeous with a very unique, shiny art style that definitely shines with a decent system.

Seriously, let’s kill AI as a whole as this is soon to be our reality but, before the world ends, check out Singularity 5 now, available on HTC Vive and Oculus.

Well, that’s all folks! Join us later in the month for more Quick Peeks to see what other gaming goodies are piled on us and could be yours as well. Sound off on the comments below if you have picked up any of the titles featured this week.