RAGE 2 Trailer Revealed

After a week full of leaks, Bethesda has finally announced that Rage is getting a sequel. Rage 2, is being developed by Avalanche Studios, the team responsible for the 2015 Mad Max game. 

Bethesda has been teasing the sequel to the open-world shooter RPG for quite some time now, and the even hinted that the game could be released as far as 2016. The original game, which was developed by id Software back in 2011, received mediocre reviews, it is interesting that Bethesda is releasing a sequel to the game. However, Bethesda’s marketing executive Pete Hines revealed that the first Rage sold enough to warrant a sequel. 

The trailer of the game, which is posted above, suggests that Rage 2 discarded the darker tone of its predecessor. This time around, it seems that Rage 2 is changing its direction, and going for a more Borderlands mixed with Mad Max vibe. 

Besides the official trailer, Bethesda is yet to announce details on the game. However, the developer’s Twitter page revealed that a gameplay trailer is set to release tomorrow, May 15th. 

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