Rant: What Did They Do To Neo Tokyo On ROCKET LEAGUE!

Rocket League has let out a recent update which included a revisioned version of the Neo Tokyo mpa and I had to check it out myself. I enjoy the maps with varying style as it brings a new challenge to the already fun and fast paced game!

What a major disappointment I have to say! This map used to have the two lifted sides that brought more options and difficulty when it came to facing off with other players in the modes the map is available during!

Not long ago they removed this original version of the Neo Tokyo map due to the many complaints that players made regarding this map having the lifted sides, and it is the definition of crybaby issues! Thanks to this revision the map is nothing more than a basic map with nothing special about it.

Knowing how it used to be and playing on it today to try out this update was a huge let down! The map just wasn't as fun to play in as it used to be simply knowing that it was more unique before this change.

Here's My Rumble Match On The Updated Map