Razer Announces Official OVERWATCH Gear

Blizzard is poised to release another money-printing piece of software early next year with Overwatch. I've spent a little bit of time on the beta, and it is just a bit too tough for me. But that means it must be a great competitive shooter, because I suck super hard at all of those! (I do love the look of it though. I've gotten hit with many a headshot due to looking around at the beautiful scenery.) Well what is the point of having a kick ass competitive shooter, if you don't have the best branded eSports gear to go with it? Not to worry, Razer has got your back. A new line of full Overwatch specific gear is coming from Razer, including a BlackWidow keyboard with Chroma effects that match in-game cool downs, a DeathAdder mouse, and Goliathus mouse pad.

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