RECORE Launches As First Xbox One Game Also Available On PC

ReCore launches today, thus beginning the era of Xbox Play Anywhere. Those who purchase the game digitally (priced at $39.99) will receive a copy of the game both on PC and Xbox One. Achievements and progress will be transferable between the two copies and you'll even be able to upscale your experience graphically on the PC...

As for the game itself, I've heard mixed reviews. It seemed like the people who didn't like it didn't understand what the game was going to be, and the ones who do heard the complaints of the E3 crowd before going into the game. I wouldn't imagine a game made by the team behind Metroid Prime could be all that bad right? 

Gameplay aside, I'm interested to see how well this system works between platforms and how well fans will respond to this cross-play ability between platforms. Do you think it'll convert a few console gamers to PC?