RED FACTION Will Liberate Nintendo Switch This July!


THQ Nordic has just announced that it is bringing the Red Faction franchise to the Nintendo Switch this July with a port of 2018’s Red Faction Guerrilla: Remarstered Edition! Red Faction Guerrilla: Remarstered Edition is the 2018 remaster of 2009’s Red Faction Guerrilla for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 which featured an assortment of visual and gameplay updates over the original. For the Nintendo Switch port it looks like new updates will also be added to ensure that the full destruction filled experience makes the transition properly. New shaders will be used along with new lighting and shadowing effects. Textures are also seeing some changes as are post processing effects. Without a doubt the coolest edition to the Nintendo Switch version is the option to toggle between a performance and quality mode! Player choice on regarding visual quality or framerates has been a hot topic in the console space for years so seeing more games give you the option of choice is a good thing in my book. Plus if those Switch Pro rumors prove to be true it will be great to potentially see the quality mode run at the same pace as the performance mode down the road.

Red Faction Guerrilla was a fun sandbox game that I really wouldn’t mind revisiting on the Switch. With a interesting enough story, plenty of destruction and wonderfully open ended gameplay this could be a very solid entry in the Switch’s ever growing library! Red Faction Guerrilla: Remarstered Edition originally launched back in 2018 on PC PS4 and Xbox One and the Switch port will be available on July 2 for $29.99.