NETFLIX May Have Stolen A Musical Score From UNCHARTED 3

Honor Among Thieves?

Honor Among Thieves?

It is always interesting to see other media outlets become inspired by video games. Whether it be famous artists referencing video games in their lyrics, seeing video games being played in movies, or even actual movies based off a video game franchise. All of these things help shine a positive light for video games in pop culture. Sometimes, video games can inspire in some of the most obscure places. Take this post from reddit for example. Yesterday, a reddit user named u/forcesquared found a Netflix Original preview trailer to sound eerily familiar. They claim that the musical score for the video clip is very similar to some of the ones found in the Uncharted franchise. Take a listen for yourself here.

The music does resemble that of Uncharted, but is it an exact match? As pointed out by some of the commenters on the reddit page, there are two songs from the Uncharted 3 soundtrack that sound nearly identical. The first 7 seconds of “Science and Magic” matches up with the first 10 seconds of the Netflix clip. Also, at the 1:35 mark in “Science and Magic” you can hear a near identical resemblance to the Netflix video clip. At the 2:08 mark you can hear the remainder of the similarities. Take a listen for yourself:

Listen to the first 7 seconds and at the 1:35 mark. Skip to 2:08 to hear the rest.

We have reached out to Naughty Dog asking them if this is in fact an exact score from Uncharted and if so, had they allowed this. At the time of this writing, Naughty Dog doesn’t have a comment yet about the situation, but as soon as we hear a response from them we will let you know. However, Naughty Dog didn't seem to be aware of the situation and are asking around the office. Its close enough that they believe it may be a match. What do you think? Are they identical tracks just spliced together? Do they sound different? Let us know what you think in the comments. In the meantime, GameTyrant will keep you updated on this matter as more details are released.

Netflix may not have anyone regulating these situations, but if they truly did steal this score, they could be in some real legal trouble. It will be interesting to watch and see what Naughty Dog does if they can prove it's a rip. Seems a bit of an odd score to use for this Netflix original, but let's just hope it's a happy coincidence.


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