REIGNS: HER MAJESTY: Being The Queen Requires Balls, Out On Mobile And Steam Now

May The Queen Live Forever!

When curiosity gets the better of us, sometimes we think about what life could have been. What if I became a doctor? Or a teacher? Or the queen? Whenever I think of what a queen's daily life is like, I imagine lavish parties, waving in public, and showing up to charity events. It may be like that in today's world but Reigns: Her Majesty by Nerial and Devolver Digital shows how being queen requires enormous balls. 

You take the role of a medieval queen in a new kingdom. The main objective of the game is simple, you rule your kingdom, and you must ensure that you stay there. It may sound easy but the game proves that a single wrong decision, can lead to a revolution that ends with your queen's head on the stake. The game is a sequel to the original Reigns, who has a similar gameplay but you take the role of a medieval king instead of a queen. 


Similar to its predecessor, the game displays tarot cards where situations concerning your kingdom is presented to you and you must swipe left or right to make a decision Tinder style. Every choice you make will affect your relationship with various groups such as the church, the people, the army, and the economy. Pleasing one group will affect your relationship with the other and when the gauges that represent the group's relationship with you gets too full or too empty, then that will be the end of your reign in your kingdom and the game ends. 

Its a simple strategy game of balancing all factors by keeping them happy that they're contented with your reign, but not too happy that they will be enlightened and realize that they no longer need your divine right to rule. Reigns: Her Majesty is available today for $2.99 on iOS, Android, and Steam.

How will you rule your kingdom? Will you lead with an iron fist? Or a kind heart? Tell us below. 

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