RE:LEGEND Is Now Available On Steam's Early Access

Mixing together the relaxed atmosphere of the life simulator type games, such as Harvest Moon, with the action-adventure gameplay of Pokemon is Magnus Games Studio. Partnering with 505 Games, this indie team has released their sandbox, RPG adventure title Re:Legend onto Steam in its Early Access form. Whether you like to play alone or with friends, this game offers a lot to the players.

With no true goal yet plenty of opportunity and options for the player to choose from, you can progress through this game in any manner you wish. Whether you enjoy focusing on the day-to-day survival aspects like fishing and farming, working hard on improving your collection of tools and weapons through crafting, building up a place to call home, going out on an adventure to face against a variety of foes, or just simply spend some time with a favorite pet companion of your choice, this game offers it all! There really seems to be an endless amount of things to do in this game and they are literally just getting started.

Catching a game in its early stage like this is the best way for you to get first hand experience with it while also having the opportunity to provide feedback you feel is best suited for the game. Leaving a review while it is in its early access form is the most direct way to let the developers know what to improve upon next so that they can ensure the final release is everything the players could want out of their game.

Check out the Early Access announcement trailer yourself and then stop by the store page to see if this game might be right up your alley: