REMOTHERED Is Coming To Console In July


It's been a few months since we have heard any updates or progress on the Remothered games from Darril Arts, we have finally received some good news on the future of the game. They have officially announced that Remothered: Tormented Father's will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on July 25, 2018! They even made a trailer to announce it as well.

When I finished up my review of the game, I was informed that they do plan on making more Remothered games, but it is great to see that the original title has made its way to the consoles already. A good sign that tells us that we can expect their future titles to be on console as well.

This well-received game is going to be a fitting title to be on multiple platforms. Managing to gain a speedrun community mere weeks after launch and a positive review rating on steam, this is sure to be the perfect title for horror gamers all around.

Will you be getting the console edition of Remothered?