Replacement Parts for Nintendo Labo Won't Cost You an Arm and a Leg After All


Ever since the announcement of the Nintendo Labo a few months ago, people were excited to try out Nintendo’s latest innovation on interacting with the Switch. However, several people, including parents of children who are hyped for the Labo, are concerned on how much replacement parts will cost. Of course, given the nature of the Labo, which is primarily made of cardboard, the possibility of breakage is highly likely, and no one wants to spend about $80 on a robot kit that will break in one day. 

The good thing is that Nintendo will be selling individual kits for specific needs that will not have a crazy price tag attached to it. I mean, of course, it can still be a little bit pricey for a piece of cardboard, but it’s better than repurchasing a whole new set. You can check out the prices of individual kits as revealed by GoNintendo. Most kits are priced under $10, so you won’t have to worry about your young kids going a little rough on the Labo: 

  • Customization Set - $9.99
  • Robot Kit - Accessory Pack - $9.99
  • Robot Kit - Knobs Cardboard Pack - $5.99
  • Robot Kit - Main Body Cardboard Pack - $13.99
  • Robot Kit - Reflective Sticker Sheet - $1.99
  • Robot Kit - Slider Cardboard Pack - $9.99
  • Robot Kit - Straps Cardboard Pack - $5.99
  • Robot Kit - Visor + Feet + Joy-Con Holder Cardboard Pack - $5.99
  • Robot Kit - Weights Cardboard Pack - $7.99
  • Variety Kit - Accessory Pack - $9.99
  • Variety Kit - Fishing Rod Cardboard Pack - $8.99
  • Variety Kit - House Cardboard Pack - $5.99
  • Variety Kit - Motorbike Cardboard Pack - $11.99
  • Variety Kit - Piano Cardboard Pack - $11.99
  • Variety Kit - RC Car + Discover Cardboard Pack - $2.99
  • Variety Kit - Reflective Sticker Sheet Set - $2.99

The Nintendo Labo will be available starting today. Will you be getting the Nintendo Labo? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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