Report Shows Nintendo Shipped Under 200k NES Classic Mini's To the United States

It would appear that allegations that Nintendo did not ship enough copies of the NES Classic Mini were true. Reports from Engadget say that the gaming giant only shipped 196,000 copies in the month of November to a country that has a population size of 318 million. 

That's less than 1% of our population size. 

That's like if everyone in Grand Rapids, Michigan, got an NES mini and no one else. Have you ever been to Grand Rapids?! I haven't! 

Now we're just a week out from Christmas and Nintendo is still unsure as to whether they'll have NES Mini's in stock for the holidays. I'll go ahead and answer that question...they won't. If they aren't here now, they're not coming until after Christmas. 

The question remains, will people still want the console post-Christmas? I'm not so sure. I think the novelty has already worn off for most of the mainstream audience, but I can see a lot of collectors scrambling to get a copy due to its limited quantity. 

Anyone reading this lucky to have been part of the 196,000 that got a console?