Reports Indicate Nintendo Switch Will Outsell Wii If Nintendo Can Keep Up With Demand

Surges in the Japanese stock market has analysts more willing to bet on the Nintendo Switch. Some experts are event saying that Nintendo will sell as many as 13 to 16 million consoles in its first year, provided they can keep up with demand. That's a big if as many without a Switch continue to play the shopping game hoping to get lucky and end up with a Switch week by week.

The good news is even at it's lowest conservative rate analysts see the Switch selling 5 million consoles the first year. That's lowballing a bit given the trend and demand outside of the holiday year for the console but still well within the install base needed for the Switch to receive healthy support from developers. It's certainly good news for those of us who already have a Switch and are slowly seeing games continue to come out for the console.

Sounds like the Switch is on the right path, but will Nintendo be able to get enough consoles out quickly enough? 

Source: Nintendo Life