RESIDENT EVIL 2 Celebrated Its 20TH Anniversary, Still No Update On The Remake


Yesterday, Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 celebrated its 20th birthday after being launched back in January 21, 1998.  Many fans, including myself, were on the watch yesterday for any news from Capcom regarding an update on the development of the Resident Evil 2 remake. I mean, it’s the 20th anniversary of the game, I think this milestone is the best time for the company to update fans who have all been dying for the remake to be released. 

It has been almost three years since Capcom announced their intention to remake the classic sequel to Resident Evil. I can understand that they may have been busy last year with the release of Resident Evil 7, its DLCs, and the re-release of the Revelations series on the Switch, but now that all of those are out of the way, it is definitely time to give us an update. 

A lot of fans waited eagerly for the 20th anniversary, thinking that the tweet by the company, where they posted a picture showing a dummy finger, and what seemed to be the edge of a typewriter is definitely a clue that a trailer may be released soon. However, fans were let down when Capcom made a follow-up tweet saying, “Didn’t mean to make everyone disappointed at all…,but the dummy finger pics were just saying hello from where we were with the favorite shots of the morning.”

Several fans took their disappointment to Reddit and shared their frustration with Capcom. A user even went far and edited a screenshot of the announcement by Capcom a few years ago, showing the producer for the remake, Yoshiaki Hirabyashi as a skeleton. I really don’t blame the fans for their disappointment because an update on the development for the remake is long overdue. 

Photo posted on Reddit by user Delilahbarks 

Photo posted on Reddit by user Delilahbarks 

Why do you think Capcom is taking too long to update us on the development of Resident Evil 2 Remake? Are they pushing the hype to its limits? Or is the company having cold feet with the remake? I certainly hope not! Don't forget to check our retro review of Resident Evil 2 here

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