RESIDENT EVIL 2 Smashed Through Kickstarter To Launch Their Official Board Game

RE2 Board Game.jpg

It looks like Capcom has teamed up with Steamforged Games in order to bring out one of the best concepts to be created into a board game in a long time; Resident Evil 2 The Board Game! It is always interesting when a popular game is made into another product, such as a movie, but it is not often that the public is given a board game to continue to try and survive through the difficulties of a zombie apocalypse! Check out the kickstarter trailer:

If you check out the Kickstarter page, you will find that they already completely smashed their goal and it is continuing to rise with more than half a month left for more contributions to be made! But why contribute if it has already reached goal? The rewards of course! All backers will get:

  • The "B-Files Expansion"
  • An Exclusive Alternate Leon Miniature

This game is truly and interesting concept that brings the flight-or-fight choice to a new level of stress and will be the deciding factor if you survive or not! If you are still on the edge of choosing if you are really interested in this or not, check out the live streamed video that shows a demo of the creators playing a session of the game to show just what it would be like to play this survival board game:

I could see myself using Leon Kennedy or Ada Wong as my main two characters, but who would you play as? Who is going to be your zombie slaying team?