RESIDENT EVIL 7 May Be A 12-Month PlayStation VR Exclusive

I recently had a discussion with some of the members of GameTyrant regarding what makes a few of us reticent about becoming early adopters of VR tech and we could all agree that game exclusivity and choosing the VR system with access to the most and best game titles sit atop the list of concerns.

Those concerns are becoming more self-evident with gamers as this image spotted on Reddit, which is supposed to be a Facebook ad for Resident Evil 7, has the internet abuzz with the discussions between netizens about content exclusivity.  

If this ad is confirmed as real, having a 12 month exclusivity over Resident Evil 7's VR edition could be a significant lockdown for Sony given that despite the detractors, a Resident Evil title is still a Resident Evil title, which means a large built-in audience and as such places it among the most anticipated games for VR. Deals like this could be the game changers that position PlayStation VR ahead of the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, and while for those who already own a non-PlayStation VR headset this may not be significant enough to go and drop what they have in favor of Sony's VR tech, for console players on the fence about which headset to get, especially those who already own a PS4, the reiteration of content exclusivity being a very real thing may serve as a tipping point.