RESIDENT EVIL Fan Replaced HD Remake Audio with Original Voice Acting

A member of the Resident Evil Modding Forum by the name of Bunny took a painstaking amount of time to remove all the dialog from Capcom's recent re-release of the original Resident Evil , then replaced it with some of the most notorious voice acting in gaming history. Yes, they inserted the original voice overs from the 1996 version of the game on the PlayStation 1. For those that don't remember (or perhaps aren't old enough to remember) the game mixed together some of the cheesiest voice acting that gaming has ever seen, along with god-awful live action cutscenes. The game as a whole was spectacular, and basically shaped the survival horror genre for the next two decades. Now it's fun to see the disjointed, terrible acting over the top of the updated graphics. If you're a huge Resident Evil fan and have the HD remake on your PC, I recommend at least taking this mod for a quick spin. It's hilarious!

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