RESIDENT EVIL Films Will Be Rebooted

RE film reboot

Martin Moszkowicz, chairman of the board at Constantin Film who have the current rights to the Resident Evil film franchise, has announced plans to make six Resident Evil movies. This will not be a continuation of where Resident Evil: The Final Chapter left us. Moszkowicz made it quite clear at the Cannes Film Festival that this will be a reboot.

To be quite honest, I have mixed feelings about this. Don't get me wrong... I loved the RE films that have been produced. Initially I was quite upset when the first movie wasn't based on any of the games, but was pleasantly surprised when game characters made a later appearance. I still felt they held much of the game atmosphere, if moving from the storylines that we knew slightly.

No news of any directors or actors have been announced, and there's no indication if there will be a link between the new series and the old. Are they finally planning to adapt the games to movies? Will it be something completely new, and will they be bring in the same atmosphere as RE7: Biohazard?

We wait in eager anticipation. If any further news arises we will be sure to update you, but they're keeping a tight lid on this for now.

Source: Variety

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