RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS Will Introduce Motion Controls For The Upcoming Switch Version

Resident Evil Revelations 1, is coming home to Nintendo since the game was first released for the Nintendo 3DS then later ported to other consoles. The success of the first revelations game brought about a sequel in the form of Resident Evil Revelations 2, which was released on consoles last 2015. Both games are now slated to be released as a bundle for the Switch on November 28.

Capcom recently released a preview trailer showing how both games would look like on the Switch. The best part about the trailer is when they showcased the availability of motion controls using the joy cons in these new iterations of the Revelations series. We still have to wait whether these new control schemes would be smooth and well made, but hopefully, it won't disappoint as this can be a benchmark for future games to follow. Check out some images below:

The Revelations series will bring back RE veterans Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield who seemed to have been out of the spotlight for some time now as the latest entries in the main franchise were mostly dominated by Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and newcomer Ethan Winters. I myself am wondering on what happened to Jill after the events of RE5, hopefully we can see her make a comeback on future installments in the series. 

Capcom is still struggling to revive Resident Evil that seemed to be in decline in recent years. Although Resident Evil 7 was well received by critics and gamers alike, it still failed to meet the company's sales target, more on that here. However, a DLC that will feature Chris Redfield is slated to be released on December 12, which will connect Resident Evil 7's storyline to that of the main franchise (Check out the awesome trailer).

The Japanese based company is still silent on the future of the series, since RE7 is still fairly new. However, fans have been dying to get an update on Resident Evil 2 Remake since besides the initial announcement, and that it is currently in development, we haven't heard anything about its progress. The company is yet to announce a release date for this. 

Would you pick up Resident Evil Revelations 1&2 on the Switch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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