RESIDENT EVIL'S Film Director is Making a MONSTER HUNTER Movie and Guess Who's Leading the Cast

Milla Jovovich is once again teaming up with husband and director of the Resident Evil movies, Paul W.S. Anderson. As reported by Variety, Anderson finds himself in yet another adaptation of one of Capcom’s video game franchises, Monster Hunter. 

Currently, Variety reports that the upcoming Monster Hunter movie will have a $60 million budget and will commence production in September. The film will be shot in South Africa, somewhere around Cape Town. The report did not reveal much about what the film will be about, or how Anderson and his team will adapt the video game into the film. However, if players were to look at the Resident Evil film franchise, we can expect that the Monster Hunter film will be loosely based on the source material. Furthermore, the team behind the Monster Hunter film wants it to become a movie franchise, like the Resident Evil movies.

Speaking of Resident Evil, it has been a known fact ever since the film franchise ended that a reboot is in the works. Although it seems like this will end up as a TV series rather than a movie. You can check out the abandoned Resident Evil TV series concept, which was released by independent filmmaker Shawn Lebert, to show fans what the forsaken project could have been like. 

What do you think of Anderson and Jovovich’s involvement in the upcoming Monster Hunter movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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