Retro-Bit Brings The Goods To Gamescom 2019!

Retro-Bit has been on a role with their product releases of 2019 with the successful launches of amazing Sega Genesis/Saturn reprint controllers and a new King of N64 controllers! But don’t think that is all we are going to see this year as there is plenty left in store.


First of all, anyone excited for the upcoming Genesis Mini coming this September, the launch of the official USB 6-Button Arcade pad has just happened with units available for order now! These controllers are similar to the previously released USB Genesis controllers but instead of incorporating the extra shoulder buttons for PC use they retain the original Genesis button placement with a Mode button residing where the right trigger would normally be. This Mode button will allow users to access the Genesis Mini’s main menu directly from the controller, which is just fantastic compared to having to access the actual console. They also keep that 10 foot cord length meaning you can easily play on your couch in most setups! Now don’t think these controllers will only be usable on the Genesis Mini as they can also still be used on PC, MAC, and the Switch!

Moving on to some awesome news coming out of Gamescom 2019, Retro-bit has revealed a slew of new goodies sure to delight retro fans!

That’s right, the long teased Metal Storm collectors edition is nearly finalized! Unlike its showcasing at E3 we have a full painted statue and a beautiful transparent cartridge on display here. Check out those other awesome goodies that are going to be bundled in the collectors edition as well. For those of you just looking to grab a copy of Metal Storm and maybe aren’t interested in all the extras do know that a standard edition of the game will also be released. Orders for the game will be available soon at Castlemania Games and Limited Run Games for $69.99 (Collectors) or $44.99 (Standard).

Ahh yes more Sega controller goodness. Check out those awesome finalized boxes for the upcoming wireless 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth controllers! This is also the first time we are getting a look at the console connector for these wireless controllers. For anyone wondering the 2.4 GHz controllers are going to be coming with both a console and PC receiver! Bluetooth fans will sadly need to purchase an addition console Bluetooth adapter. Even more fun things can be seen at the bottom of this picture with the 6-button Dreamcast and Genesis controller prototypes being showcased once again. But what is this, Do I spy a new pink version of the awesome Genesis and Saturn controllers! I sure do! Sadly I can’t make out any of the anticipated release dates for any of these upcoming controllers. Last estimates had the releases of the wireless controllers set for sometime this September!

For those of you wondering about the Analog Stick versions of the Genesis and Saturn controllers we still don’t have any solid info on release.

Also revealed at Gamescom are a group of Genesis titles from former developer Toaplan, that will be getting officially licensed reprints! On the list are classics like Truxton, Hellfire, Fire Shark, and the meme spawning Zero Wing! Estimates put the release of these games anywhere from late 2019 to early 2020! You can also see mention of standard edition in the display cards so maybe we might see a limited edition of one or all of these bad boys as well?

Another pair of games was also revealed today at Gamescom, this time from former publisher Irem. Coming to North America for the first time ever is Hammerin Harry for NES and Undercover Cops for SNES! Both games are going to be region free so they will work on any NES/SNES system. More details on these two games will be provided on a later date so stay tuned for more info!

Last but certainly not least we have the crown jewel of today’s announcements. Yes, an official physical reprint of Mega Man: The Wily Wars for the Sega Genesis! The game was only physically produced in Japan and Europe back in the day while those of us in North America could only get the game on the Sega Channel service. Since the service has long been dead so has been a way of getting a North American release. That is until it was announced the game would be coming Stateside once again as part of the Genesis Mini. This is sure to please all of us who didn’t want the title just digitally though! Retro-Bit has announced that a collectors edition of Wily Wars is also in production that will include various pack-ins so stay tuned for further info.

Needless to say I think Retro-Bit has blown away all expectations with this upcoming line-up of awesomeness! Official reprints of many games not available in America and more great controllers to look forward to, what’s not to look forward too?

What do you think of Retro-Bits new announcements?