Retro-Bit Has Begun Pre-Orders For Their Wireless Sega Genesis/Saturn Controllers!

As a reminder all USB retro-Bit Sega products will also work on the Genesis Mini!

As a reminder all USB retro-Bit Sega products will also work on the Genesis Mini!

Pre-orders for Retro-Bits upcoming line-up of wireless controllers for Sega Genesis and Saturn have begun over at Castlemania Games!

The controllers will come in the following varieties and colors:

2.4 GHz controller variants will release at a price of $34.99 and come bundled with two wireless receivers to allow them to be used on both their original systems and PC, Mac, Switch, PS3 and the Sega Genesis Mini. Each controller will also come with a built-in 500 mAh Li-Ion battery that can be charged with a Micro USB cable. A 3 ft cable is even being included out of the box, along with a custom carrying case to store the controller, receivers, and cable, how nice! The controllers are expected to have a typical 30 ft operating range. Being that these controllers are utilizing a 2.4 GHz signal input lag should be almost non existent which makes these controllers very exciting for anyone hoping to make their setup completely wireless!

Bluetooth controller variants are coming in at a lower $29.99 price point and will include compatibility for most Bluetooth equipped devices including the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the 2.4 GHz controllers, Bluetooth variants come equipped with small rumble motors that will be utilized in compatible games. To make up for the extra power draw of the rumble motors the battery has also been upgraded to 550 mAh which is expected to last around 20 hours of gameplay. Bluetooth models will support both the Xinput and D-input standards, just like their USB brethren, to ensure maximum compatibility with devices.

If you would like to get the Bluetooth versions of these awesome controllers but don’t want to miss out on original system compatibility, Retro-Bit will be releasing a separate Bluetooth adapter for such a purpose at a later date. The Bluetooth standard does introduce a few ms of input lag making them the secondary choice for original console use behind the 2.4 GHz wireless versions. The Bluetooth models should do amazing on modern systems however!

I got to go hands on with prototypes of both controllers during E3 2019 and found that even though the design was slightly thicker than the previously released Genesis and Saturn controllers, they felt good. The weight added from the rumble motors was also very welcoming to me! Retro-Bit also showcased the final boxes for each controller last month during Gamescom, And for those of you still wondering, no word has yet been given on the release date for the dual analog versions of either controller. along with a ton of other cool announcements! Both controller variants are expected to begin shipping this holiday season. The day draws near to when we can finally play the amazing Sega Saturn with a wireless controller!

In other Retro-Bit news, Pre-Orders for the Metal Storm Collector’s and Standard Editions have also begun!