Review: BULLETSTORM Full Clip Edition (PC) is An Overpriced Riot

Intro and Gameplay

Sometimes the developers behind games aren't given the love and attention they deserve. That is how I've always felt about the People Can Fly, the Polish studio that pumped out PAINKILLERGEARS OF WAR PC, and BULLETSTORM among others. I thought BULLETSTORM was an absolute riot. Although somewhat short, the graphics, crazy dialogue, and most of all neck snapping action was unmatched. Enter 2017 and we've got a remastered FULL CLIP EDITION that is still full of action but a bit short on content.

Graphics and Sound

The visual department of BULLETSTORM is an absolute feast for the eyes and with the latest tweaks, we played in 4K @ 60 FPS for a total eyegasm worthy experience. While most of the action takes place on one planet, the scenes are varied from dank sewers to steaming deserts and everything in between. With Games for Windows ripped out (Thank Heavens), the already stunning game looks even better despite a few low res textures here and there.

The audio portion is equally impressive but some of the dialogue is both intentionally and unintentionally hilarious at times. It creates a mixed bag of results but with options to censor gore and/or harder language, it results in some interesting moments. The effects and music are solid throughout however and is satisfying when mowing down your enemies.

Fun and Conclusion

While this is a very condensed review, I've kept it that way because I can narrow the purchasing decision very easily for you: Did you play and beat the original BULLETSTORM? If so, there isn't much new here besides the Duke Nukem Tour which lets you play as Sir Duke and it's... ok. If you love crazy shooting games with a lot of over the tap and action pumping with with testosterone, and never played the original, it's worth your time and money but IMHO, it should have been priced at $19.99 not at the current $30+. Either way, it's a solid game with a bit more polish and content.