Review: FLATOUT 4: TOTAL INSANITY (PC) is an Overlooked Gem

Intro and Gameplay

Remember when most game releases were Oct-Dec and the rest of the year was sprinkled with a lot of junk and very few hits? Well, it's 2017 and boy oh boy how times have changed. We've been absolutely bombarded with AAA releases, indie gems, but stuck somewhere in the middle are games like FLATOUT 4: TOTAL INSANITY that just don't seem to get much press or attention compared to other titles. Sometimes rightfully so but other times, a complete injustice to a solid title that's worth playing, it's just hard to keep up these days.

The FLATOUT series has never taken itself seriously and it doesn't need to. The fourth entry adds more of the same type stunts, races, derbies, and pure.. well, Total Insanity that fits the usually bill but adds just enough polish and fun to make it worth while. Realistic driving sim it's not but where in lacks in simulation, it makes up in spades as you crash, bash, smash, and wreck your way through a ton of nitro filled insanity. It's a total hoot.

Graphics and Sound

While not the best looking racing/derby game out there, TOTAL INSANITY is still quite the looker that rocks in 4K @ 60 FPS no problem. Car models are detailed to an ok level but what really shines are the effects and most of all, blasting through a level while punching the nitro. It's sports a super effective sense of rush and speed that few racing games actually deliver.

Sound is solid but a mixed bag of voice acting and a choice of tunes that range from sweet to absolutely grating. Feels like a good effort but could have used a wider variety of artists to not become too dull.

Fun and Conclusion

Look, I'm a grumpy old gamer that could nitpick this game to death but guess what? It's an absolute blast to play, loaded with a ton of content, and it's all for a fair price at $39. So, if you want to race and crash your way for a weekend worth of fun or even more with multiplayer, give this game a whirl. There are a ton of games out there to play currently but this little gem deserves your attention. It's nothing absolutely revolutionary but it's way, way more fun than I ever wanted to admit.