Review: Gaming Rocks with the AUDIOENGINE HD3 Wireless Speakers

Intro and Design

Speakers, especially wireless offerings, are a dime a dozen these days. While they definitely range from horrid to passable to divine, there are endless number of audio products that fit somewhere in between those three descriptions. Enter Audioengine with their HD3 set that looks refined but not overly impressive or powerful. After hearing about them from a colleague, I gave them a whirl recently and honestly, didn't expect much.

The box and unit comes with very high level of professionailism and everything from cabling to speaker finish just scream quality. After hooking these little bad boys up to my iPhone, I had no issues streaming wireless via BT. Next up was connecting to my PC and that is where the real fun began..


As I mentioned, I could tell that the HD3 was a quality unit but nothing could prepare me for the onslaught of aural bliss that was about to fill my ears. First off, I went straight to gaming and let me tell you, there is no other set of speakers, especially of this size, that can produce earth-shattering, head pounding yet crystal clear output as the HD3. Honestly, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Gunshots in Ghost Recon: Wildlands rang loud and true. Dialogue was clear and clean while ambient noises were pronounced and detailed. The amount of mids, highs, and even lows that pump from these little wonders are truly astounding.

Wildlands + Audioengine HD3 = Gaming Geek Heaven

Regardless of what I threw at them, be it music, movies, but mostly games, everything was near perfect. I was intrigued to hear details that usually are only heard with a quality set of headphones yet here they were, taking up very little space on my desk but filling the room with quality audio. 

Value and Conclusion

Well, I wasn't expecting much but consider this grumpy ol' tech reviewer extremely impressed. Whether you use the HD3 for gaming, music, movies or a mix, it doesn't matter because whatever you throw at these mighty mites, they can handle it. While all isn't perfect, including a high price tag and limited connectivity options, it's hard to complain when you are getting the best audio out there in an extremely small and attractive package that won't clutter or fill up your desk or gaming station. You can check out more info and specs at Audioengine's site.