Review: HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX adding a cheaper headset to their already affordable Cloud headsets? With how well the other Cloud headsets sounded, I was excited to test out this new entry-level headset. There's always that satisfaction when finding an extremely affordable headset that may be able to compete with its competitors that cost double or even triple.  


Frequency Range: 18Hz - 23,000Hz

Connections: 3.5mm plug (4 pole)

Driver Sizes: 50mm

Impedance: 30 Ω

Microphone: 50Hz - 18,000Hz

The audio quality of the Cloud Stinger is a little bit more than what I was expecting for a headset that cost $50. After spending roughly 7-10 hours of listening to music and playing games, I can say that it does it's job as an entry level headset. The Cloud Stingers excels in the mid-range but really lacked in the bass and high treble. When playing games like CounterStrike and Battlefield the explosions seemed very flat with no punch. On the other hand, playing Dota 2 with some music in the background was great and enjoyable.

The mic quality of the Cloud Stinger I could say performed it's intended purpose. Nothing really impressed me after listening to some recordings of myself, but I did notice it tended to pick up more background noises than I would've liked it to.

The microphone control is great. To mute the microphone you simply flip it up out of the way and it's muted. Flip it back down and you're ready to tell your teammates someone is missing in their lane.


From an aesthetics standpoint the look of the headset looks much more valuable than it's $50 price tag. But unfortunately I can't say the same for it's build quality. The chassis is comprised of a very hard plastic that feels like it could break after a few a hundred cycles of putting the headset on and taking it off. On a positive note the earcups were very comfortable on the ears and provided enough breathing so it didn't feel like my ears were in a sauna after a few hours of wearing.


I mean for $50 headset you can't really ask for much more. Yeah there could be a vast amount of things I would like to see different about it, but than it probably wouldn't be at the price point of $50 anymore.



You're probably sick of hearing me say this again but for $50 this headset does everything you would expect it to do and a little bit more. This headset will be the perfect purchase for any kids first headset.