Review: LETHAL LEAGUE PS4 Console Edition

Taking the classic game Pong and adding modern characteristics of competitive battle with unique characters that each have their own special moves and attacks, and you make the amazingly fun game known as Lethal League by Team Reptile!


The multiple mode options from the game, you can play with up to four players either online or offline with split screen. The modes available are Free-for-All, Team, and Striker, which is the only mode that is truly different. 

While Striker mode is where your goal is to hit a target placed on your opponents wall side of the field, the main mode and objective of the game is to hit your opponent with the ball, which increases in speed with every hit and can reach up to one million top speed!

Aside from the multiplayer option, there is a single player mode in the Extras section of the menu that is called Challenge. In this mode, you will go through stages of challenges that vary in mode and difficulty. I looked to lower the difficulty as well, but found that wasn't an option and so I will continue to fail to complete this mode myself!

Here's a few online matches between Ross and myself.


While everything has a cartoon look, it also has a look that appears to be hand drawn yet still active, as the backgrounds are not all fully static images. It is a great look choice for the game style that is presented and helps keep your eye on the ball rather than watching something overly interesting in the background.


Each map had it's own set of songs to correlate with the area, which of course also correlated with the character that the area was created in mind of. The music was upbeat and playful, providing a good vibe to go with the challenging gameplay offered.


There is always room to get better, a very difficult challenge mode to try and beat, computer player options to add to offline multiplayer that can continue to raise difficulty, and the online competitive field that will be fun as long as it is active. Plenty of reason to come back and play the game again and again!

What Could Be Better

A way to lower or raise the difficulty for challenge mode and adding the option to have computer players during online matches would make the game even better.


Incredibly fun and difficult gameplay makes this game one worth re-visits and hours of challenging entertainment! A great addition to any players game library that is only going to get more lively once added to the consoles!

The game will officially launch on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on May 10th, but is currently available on Steam!