Written by: Christofer Emgard

Art by: Mattias Haggstrom and Robert Sammelin

Colors by: Davi Correia

Mirror's Edge Exordium #1 seems to be a coming of age tale at its heart, just set amongst a totalitarian regime that has done away with that whole liberty and freedom thing. In exchange for that freedom there is a supposed safety and order to the world, but those promised traits have been abandoned long ago for something more resembling a prison, immaculate as it may be.

Faith’s story is a familiar one. Someone who has talents and potential beyond what their age would suggest feels held back from grabbing something, whatever that something may be. The thing is that Faith might just be the exception to the rule, and even despite her disregard for the rules, seems to be cognizant of the world around her. Writer Christofer Emgard uses this as a platform from which to leap off, much like his lead character, and that is when things pick up considerably. Noticeably, Emgard allows the character and the story as a whole to breath here. Everything feels rather uncluttered, and there is many a moment when no dialogue is present for multiple panels in a row, and you are just relying on the art to deliver Faith’s opinion on something.

The art team delivers a style that fits in perfectly with the game. A bit grayer overall, but it fits the tone of the story and the world that Faith inhabits well. I was pleased with how the art team handled Faith’s traversal and the sense of movement that accompanies it, but hopefully in future issues we will really get to see more of it. With everything they were trying to fit into the first issue, I understand not wanting to overdo it, but maybe a bit more wouldn’t have been a bad thing.

Regardless of that nitpick, I really enjoyed issue #1, and look forward to getting to know more about Faith, and see her reach all that potential. Catch a preview of the issue below.

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