REVIEW: NobleChairs ICON Series


A while ago I wrote a review on the EPIC series chair from NobleChairs. The company has definitely raised the bar in expectations of gaming chairs. The ICON takes the very fine detailing of the EPIC series, and creates a more comfortable seat. Lets take a closer look at the ICON from NobleChairs.


Weight – 66.1 lbs

Dimensions – 27.6 x 15.8 x 27.6 in

Material – PU Faux Leather or Real Leather


The one thing that other gaming chairs are doing that NobleChairs has not, is including tech in the chair. GT Throne has a new chair coming out that will rumble with the explosions and other effects of your game. Several other gaming chairs have speakers built into them. Some of the tech is either a luxury or experimental. I would love to see NobleChairs try something like that.

Build Quality & Aesthetics

The first change I noticed besides the physical appearance, is that there is much more cushioning than the EPIC series. As you may remember from my previous review, that was one of my gripes. Although it didn't hurt to sit on, its just nice having a little extra cush for your tush. I think that is the main reason I prefer the ICON over the EPIC series.

The lumbar cushion doesn't have any straps on it to hold in place, but it will sit still for you if you place it where you want and sit back. The rest of the chair is what you can expect from NobleChairs. To give you a better idea of what NobleChairs are like, here is a quote from my review on the EPIC series chair.


"This is a very high-end, premium chair. It’s as if you took the driving chair our of a Ferrari. Absolutely gorgeous stitching and designs on all options. There is a stick handle to recline the back. Again, very similar to a sports car. Crisp, clean lines and branding. Only thing missing is a steering wheel! Seriously though, the level of detail is tremendous."

What Could Be Better

As I mentioned previously, I'd like to see some additional tech being added to future NobleChairs. There is one part of the setup process (which like 95% is super easy to do) that got me feeling like I was struggling to put Ikea furniture together. There are plastic covers to hide the metal frame that holds the back rest in place. The package comes with the screws to hold them in place, but they were near impossible to screw in correctly. I ended up stripping the screw on one side and just left it as far as I could screw it in. Literally the smallest issue, but I was struggling.



The ICON series chair from NobleChairs is a long-term purchase. The quality of the chair leads me to believe that it will be a very long time before this chair needs to be replaced. Sleek, classy design language makes this chair not only comfortable on the eyes, but gives a feeling of confidence. Kind of an important thing when your gaming and trying to "git gud". All in all, I can recommend the ICON series NobleChair, even though it cost $369.90.

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