Review — The RAZER KRAKEN PRO Headset is All About Dat Bass

Intro and Design

"RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!" Do you know how long I've been waiting to use that movie line from The Clash of the Titans from oh so many years ago? It was the first VHS tape I ever watched and.. Oh, hi, you're here to check out the RAZER KRAKEN PRO HEADSET? Good, it's much more interesting than my childhood cinematic exploits. Once again, Razer has delivered the good when it comes to quality design and packaging because this headset is downright gorgeous in the box, especially with that bright green flair. Even though more of an old school and minimalistic in design, it's still a work of geeky art.

The headband and padding is extremely thick for some seriously long gaming sessions, besides, who wants to go outside and interface with other humans? Not this guy. So, this is simple yet solid design but extremely comfortable inside and out. Available in both back and this blinding green, there are options for either mood.


Ok, so establishing the solid yet simple design, I always get stoked to pump out my first track and it's usually Summit by Skrillex for it's stellar mids, highs, and lows. HOLY FREAK! These bad boys seriously bump. Honestly, this is the most bass-o-licious headset we've tested, ever. While some of the music cues were lost in the deep bass, overall, this is a low end lover's dream. Let's face it though, most peeps are listening to Mozart on their gaming headsets so of course, we switched over to the real test, the Battlefield series.

Yes, I love to test headsets in Battlefield because of the wide array of sounds assaulting your senses. Sure enough, the KRAKEN PRO was head shaking in the best of ways. Gunshots exploded around me, tanks rumbled my cranium, and explosions were deep and impactful, still I had to adjust EQ to get the highs clear. Comfort wise, it held up over several hours of use and definitely is more snug fit and feel than most light, airy headsets I've tested as of late. 

Value and Conclusion

At around $79.99 out in the wild, this was a tough product to score as it really comes down to gamer preference. For me, I prefer a much clearer sound vs head rattling bass but I must say, my games came alive more than ever due to such bootylicious bass. Adjusting the EQ can definitely help but on PS4, you just don't have that luxury. Design is minimal as mentioned but the color adds some needed flair while remaining isolated but extremely comfy. This is a unique headset that is definitely solid yet a totally different sound than most on the market. You can check out the full product page and specs right over here.