NITRO-CONCEPTS S300 REVIEW: A Gaming Chair That Will Last A Decade

As a working professional nerd, most of my productive and even non-productive hours are spent sitting down. I can attribute many sore memories of back and wrist pain to my poor seating conditions. I recently got the chance to try out the S300 Nitro Concepts Gaming Chair and I do not know if I can ever go back to anything less.

Specs and Special Features

In the beginning, I thought the back support more cumbersome and strange as my previous chairs did not use it. I decided to stick with it and really try to embrace it. As a result, My posture is better and I get less sore from sitting at my desk all day long which I attribute to the lumbar support and the extra headrest. The ability to recline at any moment to a full 135-degree angle is a godsend when I want to just lean back and relax with Netflix. The armrests are extremely versatile in height and angle allowing me to rest my arms while they were crossed or just support them when typing or doing graphic design.


I have had to put together office chairs in the past and this by far takes the cake in regards to ease of construction. Without even reading the already simple instructions, we were able to assemble it completely in less than a few minutes and with no extra tools required.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

I love the look and feel of this chair! It breathes so much better than most of the leather chairs I have used in the past and is more firm and supportive than many other softer cloth padded seats. I was extremely surprised at how firm and well built it feels, even though I put it together myself. I feel like I would win at any office jousting match with this puppy and still have a good decade of use afterward.

The S300 also comes in the colors of black, blue, green, orange, red, white, and yellow but my derrière was content with the sleek and sexy red seat that I was given. This elegant outer layer covers the cold foam technology underneath, which are some of the same materials used in many higher-end support mattresses.

What it could do better

With every masterpiece, there are a few drawbacks. The material is so very breathable, but it is a wonderful magnet for stray hairs and fluff around the office that I can only imagine how it would get if I had a pet sit down on it. The armrests were a dream but you could not lock them in place so I found myself at times fiddling with them back and forth like I would a clicking pen. I did enjoy getting used to the backrest but I found myself at times wanting to remove it to recline for a movie and it became a chore to reattach it later on with the straps I had to feed through the back of the chair.


I would definitely endorse this chair. You might decide on another $80 chair that appears to be the same, but in about 8 to 12 months, I can guarantee you that you will regret it. Those are the chairs you have to replace often, but the S300 will easily last you a decade. If you spend most of your day in the sitting position, then I highly recommend you invest in the S300 Nitro Concepts Gaming Chair (Amazon Affiliate Link).

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