Review: SNIPER ELITE 4 (PC) is a Bloody Good Time

Intro and Gameplay

I've been following the SNIPER ELITE series since the first entry oh so many years ago and while some of the titles have been a little rough around the edges, the quality and depth of the series just keeps getting better. SNIPER ELITE 4 has received a ton of fixes, patches, and DLC so the game is super polished, a blast to play, and has a ton of content to boot.

Whether you want to slink around and snipe dirty Nazi scum under the noise of fighter planes passing overhead or you choose to go in full command style with Thompson blasting everyone in sight, or even a combination of the two play styles, the choice is yours in the fourth entry of the saga. Taking place in Italy and over exotic and beautiful locales, you follow a loosely tied story of baddies and their plans to conquer the world. The mixture of pistols, knives, rifles, and SMGs really contribute to the solid and tight gameplay, especially with so many items and events to cover the sounds of your campaign of death. It's tight, it's fun, and it's huge. BAM!

Graphics and Sound

In case you can't tell from the screenshots, the graphics and effects in SNIPER ELITE 4 are absolutely gorgeous. Although some areas are a bit rough in the level design, there are so many moments of sheer beauty, despite the violence, that I cranked out so many screenshots, I lost count. Animation is gorgeous and the slow mo head shots are absolutely gruesome. Luckily, you can adjust their frequency or completely turn them off. Sunlight, oceans, shadowy tunnels and explosions are all perfectly rendered in 4K. Delicious.

Audio is equally if not more impressive as guns sound punchy, brutal, and explosions rocked my sub hardcore. Voice acting is quiet good and music is solid but it's the rifle shots and the gory bits that really shine. #NaziSplat

Fun and Conclusion

In the end, the fourth entry of the series is the pinnacle of sniping goodness that we've all come to enjoy. There are so many way to complete objectives and levels, it's absolutely stunning. If you are new to the series, start here, it's one of the best. If you are a veteran, it might feel a little TOO familiar. I'd love to see this series branch out and really take some freedom on different war periods (Vietnam?!) and a bit different concept besides capping Nazi. Overall, a solid if familiar effort.