REVIEW - SP3CTYR Gaming Glasses

We have all kinds of accessories nowadays that fulfill our needs for gaming, computer use, or simply using our electronic devices. However, we neglect one of the biggest aspects on comfort and that's our eyesight.  

You see, most of us have grown up accepting that our vision is as good as it gets, and what we have won't get any better save for corrective eye surgery.  But every second that we spend looking at screens we're essentially blasting our eyes with various spectrums of light. While some is beneficial, there is a fine line between that and harmful UV lights. Unfortunately for us most of our devices hover on a gray line where we get exposed to blue light which causes eye strain and damage over a period of time.  

Some of you readers might have experienced this issue after a long day of staring at the screen from work or from a gaming session. Some common ways to alleviate this is to adjust your monitor settings or wear something with a yellow tint to reduce blue light entering our eyes. But for me, those solutions have given me more headaches than not due to the weird color adjustment that messes with my vision. That's where SP3CTYR glasses come in.  


The SP3CTYR glasses don't look all that different that your normal pair of glasses except for the one thing. The SP3CTYR doesn't use the weird yellow tint on its lenses, but instead utilize a clear lens that blocks all UV lights and portion of blue lighting. This doesn't block all blue light from entering, but it meets a very happy medium of providing eye strain relief without that nauseating yellow glow.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

Unboxing the glasses certainly felt nice. I was a fan of the simple packaging and magnetic box protecting the frames inside. Each pair of glasses also includes a micro cloth with the company logo on it. 

The frames themselves aren't anything to scream about as they're fairly standard plastic on basic glass frames. They do however lack spring temples so they lack that nice flexibility that can help large face profiles. 

The glasses don't scream that they're crazy high end eye wear, but it fits in the category as something you might get a groupon special on.  Regardless, they do a great job of reducing the eye strain I have from working an 8 hour office job back to coming home for a few hours of gaming and watching Netflix.

What it could do better

The SP3CTYR company is a new start up based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  From speaking with the creators their next plans would be to add prescription lenses as the only current option is non-prescriptive lenses. As I mentioned earlier, the lack of spring temples makes me worry about the flexibility of the frames. 

The look of the glasses aren't bad either as I prefer the heavy black frames look, but additional styles would be a nice addition for users to choose from. 


Overall the glasses were great in reducing eye strain for me without compromising the images I saw on screen and other co-workers who tried them out gave the same response. Unfortunately I don't wear contact lenses so I was only able to wear them for a few hours a day due to some reading requiring better eye wear at my job, but they were great during my gaming sessions. Overall there are many options for yellow tinted eye wear but having something that was actually clear was a HUGE bonus for me. 

At $29.99 a pair there was also very little to complain about on price especially when other gaming glasses can easily cost double. If you're having eye fatigue or just needs something that just gives your eyes some rest I'd suggest checking out a pair.

If you're interested in purchasing make sure to get a pair right here. 

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