Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality from Bossa Studios is a VR adaptation to the original Surgeon Simulator 2013 so it still has all of its silliness and ridiculous shenanigans. I guess what makes this game fun is the mere fact that it combines a serious occupation with some grim humor.

The entire game is played by picking up objects and using them on the patient. The game starts off with your first operation of patient who needs a heart transplant. You begin with several options in opening his chest cavity and getting through the ribs. I first started off gentle like how I see it on TV with some sort of bone saw, it then became apparent to me that this was going to be longer than expected and decided to pick up the hammer and just smash through his ribs. I than proceeded to use a the scalpel and electric saw to cut away at the rest of the arteries and anything else attaching any organs that were in the way of taking out and replacing his heart, that’s if the patient was going to survive all of this trauma.


The biggest problem with Surgeon Simulator is the lack of instructions or tutorial on what needs to be done. You are pretty much just thrown in an operation room with a bunch of tools around you and needing to figure out how to use all the controls. The tracking of the controllers for the HTC Vive is also very poor, there were multiple times I tried to pick things up and it would register really weird. Last is the controls, they are extremely uncomfortable to use and could’ve been simplified to provide a much better experience.

The positives of the game was the gore and silliness of the game. It was hilarious to be able place ridiculous items in the person’s chest cavity, taking your frustration of the day out and hammer away at someone’s ribs, and just being very careless in what you would think would be serious atmosphere.


In the end, I loved the concept of the game but the negatives really hurt the experience of the game. I would love to see the developers make some changes to the controls to make it more comfortable and to improve the tracking. But in the end the game provides some much needed comic relief and some fun gameplay for people new to VR games.