Riot Games LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Based Tabletop MECHS VS MINIONS Now Available

The long awaited tabletop from Riot Games is finally available for purchase. Mechs Vs. Minions can be purchased on the Riot Games website for a hefty $75. Granted, from the look of the figures, and assets included the price seems verified, but a lot of that price tag is League of Legends swag tax. Licensed products in the tabletop world always seem to run well above games that don't have a franchise attached to it. 

The game is cooperative and involves Yordle's fighting off minions in campaign based scenarios. It's always tough to explain games without seeing it in action, so you're probably better served watching the video below. My personal take is it doesn't sound like a game I would enjoy (especially for $75), but I'm not huge on cooperative games in general.