Rise Of The Tomb Kings DLC Launches For TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER 2


The Rise of the Tomb Kings DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2 is finally available. After invading the sacred grounds within the crypt, a new enemy has risen and he brought his entire legion army with him! Will you be able to fight off the skeletal army that have risen from the crypt and sands before they take over Nehekhara?

The Rise of the Tome Kings introduces an entirely fresh campaign experience with a raft of rac-specific gameplay mechanics, victory objectives, and lashings of authentic lore. Along with their own campaign experience, there will be new playable sections in both the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns. The Tomb Kings have their own specific victory conditions that focus on collecting the Nine Books of Nagash. With their own skills, traits, quest-chains, legendary wargear and situational challenges, players may embark on Tomb Kings campaigns as Settra the Imperishable, Khalida, Khatep and Nagash's former lieutenant, the malignant Arkhan the Black.

Check out the Tomb Kings trailer:

In a game that is already challenging, it is great to see new foes continue to invade the land giving players the chance to grow further and get stronger. The DLC pack for The Tomb Kings is now available on Steam for players ready for their next difficult chapter.

Although it is a paid DLC, this launch comes with a completely free gift for all dedicated Warhammer 2 players. Launching alongside the Tomb Kings DLC pack is the DLC to play as Legendary Lord Tretch Craventail! As a completely free DLC, you can take control of Tretch Craventail, beginning in Naggaroth, to help with both the Eye of the Vortex and the Mortal Empires campaigns. Few Skaven possess the cunning and guile of Tretch, and he empowers his underlings to fight harder as they return from every rout.

With the chance to play as Tretch being completely free, it is an easy choice to download him from his steam page, but the question is: Are you brave enough to unlock the terror from the tombs in the Rise of the Tomb Kings