ROCKET LEAGUE Reaches 40 Million Players Worldwide


Rocket League developer Psyonix, recently announced via Twitter that the game has achieved a new milestone as it reached 40 million lifetime players. The highly successful soccer game mixed with high speed vehicles has been a hit since its launch back in 2015. 

Rocket League’s growth has been impressive in the last few weeks. Just last December, the game hit 38 million registered players, which meant that the game’s players grew by 2 million in just a few weeks. Looking at the game’s past, Rocket League registered 25 million players last Janurary and surpassed 30 million by April of last year. This goes to show that the number of registered players is only going up and people are starting to discover this awesome game, as it expanded to several other platforms. 

The huge increase of registered players is partly due to Rocket League being released for the Switch last November. However, I think that the growing population of Rocket League fans is because of the game's availability on all major platforms, and most impressively, the ability to cross play between those platforms (with limitations on Sony’s PS4). Developer Psyonix also promised fans that more information will be released soon regarding Season 7, which will probably receive an announcement later this month. 

The game has also been popular with modders for the PC that just last month. YouTuber Jon Sandman released a video showing off a modded map he created that introduced racing in the game. I don’t know about you, but I think Psyonix should include an official racing mode mini game in Rocket League so players can compete in the race tracks as well. You can check out more details on the mod here

Why do you think Rocket League’s lifetime players has been growing impressively fast lately? Tell us your favorite Rocket League moment in the comments below. 

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