ROCKET LEAGUE'S Autumn Update Brings Transparent Goalposts And It's Going To Be An Optional Game Changer

Psyonix proves their listening to the fans by answering to the most requested update and adding it to their Autumn update. There will now be the option to have Transparent Goalposts in Rocket League!

Now, I would first like to bring to like the brilliance of making it an optional update rather than a mandatory one! Instead of making an executive decision and forcing it to be the regular for all players, like Friday the 13th's attempt to contain trolls, they are going to have it as an option you can simply turn on or off.

RL Transparent Goalposts.jpg

Even if you choose to have it on, it is going to be only for specific camera angles and locations, but is still going to be better than not having it on. While there will still be a wall of you are in the corner, fighting to get the ball centered, if you are defending in goal you will not have a wall blocking your view and it will be easier to keep your eye on what's going on and prepare to defend properly.

I think this is going to be one of their best updates in awhile and look forward to what they will change next!