Rockstar Artist's Portfolio Screenshot Shows Liberty City In GRAND THEFT AUTO V

See that above photo? IGN says this artist's recreation of Liberty City's "Middle Park" using Grand Theft Auto V's engine has many wondering if the city will be making its presence in-game. The artist in question, Adrian Page, has worked for Rockstar Games in the past but it's unclear whether this portfolio picture is something they've created for resume material. A GTA forum member uploaded a comparison between the two locations, which you can see below.


So what could this mean? It could mean that major DLC is in development for the game which will allow players to jump between Los Santos and Liberty City. That seems highly unlikely, but the statement is fueled by a statement made by ex-Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies discussing that exact possibility.

It could mean a new Rockstar game is in developlment...but that also seems unlikely as GTAO continues to have massive support from Rockstar with the latest free content update coming June 10th.

What I hope it means is that we'll finally be getting the single player expansion we thought has been in development since the game's launch! It sounds like a tall order to completely redesign Liberty City just for DLC , but I'm optimistic!

Let's just hope it wasn't a cancelled project that never came to life!