Rockstar Has Its Own Games Launcher Now

Yet another launcher has arrived to simplify, or complicate, your gaming life. Rockstar announced yesterday that the launcher was ready for download.

A new promotion accompanies the launch, as players can snag Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for free upon download. It’s a limited time offer that will add a permanent game to your library.

This news follows speculation that Red Dead Redemption 2 might be releasing for PC finally. If there’s a connection, then Rockstar fans and PC gamers will be delighted.

If not, then you’ll still be able to use the launcher as a place to access all of your digital or disc-based Rockstar games. And the platform supports cloud-save functionality, which will be an incentive for gamers. You’ll also be privy to the latest Rockstar news within the launcher.

To download the launcher, you can visit Rockstar’s website here.

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