Rocksteady Hints that They Might Not be Done with BATMAN Games

Today the Batman fanatics over at Rocksteady Studios released a video discussing the upcoming Season of Infamy DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight. Originally this was meant to be the last bit of Dark Knight goodness we would see coming out of the studio that revitalized Bruce Wayne in gaming. Perhaps that has changed. During an interview in the video with Creative Director of the Arkham Trilogy, Sefton Hill, it was teased that maybe the studio isn't quite finished with the World's Greatest Detective just yet. With a fake "technical error" there is a flash of a single frame showing off a mysterious hooded figure. I'll let you speculate just who it could be.

Could we see more Batman games coming out of the studio that helped us believe in Batman games again? I sure hope so! I guess only time (and hopefully E3 2016) will tell. Watch the full Arkham Insider video below.

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