Rogue-Lite Game CRYING SUNS Comes Out Later This Month

Indie developer Alt Shift is releasing their new tactical game in little more than two weeks. Available from September 19th, Crying Suns will continue its run of success. After a well-funded Kickstarter campaign, the rogue-like adventure will arrive on PC. Space exploration and tactical fights will take place in a procedurally-generated universe. Alt Shift plans to incorporate a stronger story than predecessors like FTL, though, and multiple playthroughs will give a more complete picture of the universe in which you’re fighting.

Don’t be fooled by the pixelart graphics, though. This will prove to be a challenging game as the battles play out in real time. You’ll be able to pause in order to develop a strategy, but Crying Suns will test the limits of your battlefield awareness.

Players will control the clone of mankind’s greatest fleet admiral, and you will have to uncover the mysteries behind the waning civilization and the dying empire. A demo is available to play, and early reception indicates that this is one to watch.

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