Ruin The Bad Guys Holidays With HITMAN 2's Free Seasonal Missions


Warner Bros Interactive and IO Interactive have set up some free missions for Hitman 2 players during their Holiday Hoarders event. During this event there will be time-limited missions for players to complete and earn a special reward, like permanently unlocking the “Santa 47” suit by completing the Secret Santa Challenge Pack.

The first mission had started on December 18th, but will run until January 8th. In this mission, players will be traveling to Paris, regardless if they have unlocked this map with the Hitman Legacy Pack or not, and stop a couple of thieves from stealing the presents from a fashion show. Keep in mind that this special mission is the only reason that anybody can visit the Paris map - once the mission ends, so does the free access.

The second mission focuses on an elusive target and you only have until December 31st to complete the objective. Vicente Murillo, a rebellious political figure known as “The Revolutionary,” who mysteriously disappeared in South America during the 1980s, is back and plans to create a new world order. You are to take advantage of his narcissism, propensity for lying and paranoia induced drinking habit to take out this militia leader. Here’s a full mission briefing on the situation:

Facing a few new challenges is nothing out of the ordinary for Agent 47 and with the enticing option to use some new, festive weapons and unlock some unique items or outfits, I don’t see why anybody would pass up on this opportunity. It isn’t often that you can freely enter into the world of paid DLC, but this is your chance to dive in and take a look around!