Rumor: Blizzard Announcing STARCRAFT HD In September

Blizzard may have plans for an HD remake of Starcraft according to Kotaku. The site says a well reputed news site in Korea is running with the news citing "multiple sources" saying this announcement will be official in September, and that more information will be delved out during Blizzcon in November.

Right now it's assumed that the game will play the same but feature some cosmetic improvements. I know a lot of guys who still play Starcraft so I'm sure this news will excite more than a few of you! I'm guessing this move is yet another play on Blizzard's part to further woo the e-sports crowd? If so, it's probably going to work. Blizzard has said nothing on the matter, and probably won't until the reveal if this rumor happens to be true.

I personally would love a remake of this really unhelpful trailer.